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ARIIS – General Commission for Investment

Wesnesday 6 April 2016


Public-private partnerships have now become a vital lever for innovation in the healthcare industries. ARIIS is tasked with developing these partnerships and, as a result, has joined forces with the General Commission for Investment (CGI) to organize a University Hospital Institutes Day on 6 April 2016.

All the University Hospital Institutes share the same standards ​​of excellence and the same optimization goals; they are able to offer a diverse range of projects of direct relevance to the healthcare industry. Research projects (upstream, clinical, and translational), technology platforms (some of which are unique in the world), patient cohorts and indeed training (for healthcare professionals and industry employees alike) within the University Hospital Institutes are all open to collaboration between the public and private sectors. Companies will therefore have an opportunity on 6 April to discover, in a way that suits them, what the University Hospital Institutes have to offer.

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